Muddy Buddies

As promised I made muddy buddies. And as expected, they rock. Peanut butter and chocolate never tasted so good. Mmmmm. The bag looks pretty gross huh. You would never know what little bites of sweetness were in there.

Muddy Buddies Bag Muddy Buddies

Yes. They ARE as good as they look.

Muddy Buddies

Would you like to come over and have some with me? Just in case you can’t check out the recipe. Make it for your next Christmas party. And even if you’re not throwing one, make it for breakfast. It’s awesome for breakfast. Not that I would know. I have a friend… who…uh, likes to eat this for their first meal. Just eat it before you brush your teeth. It tastes gross if you eat it after and you still have the toothpaste flavor in your mouth. So my friend says.

OK, here’s the recipe for ya!

Recipe for you

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