Here are the earrings, so sorry it’s taken me this long! Can you believe I forgot to post them?! lol It’s been a crazy busy day. Hope you comment and win!

This pair of earrings I made thinking of Spring. These reminded me of flowers. 🙂 I love wrapped jewelry, it just speaks to me. They dangle beautifully and are light on the lobes.


This next pair of earringsare special. They were made with beads I got when I was forst starting to get into jewelry making. Light and durable you’d think I would wear theses ore. I’m just not a red person. I pretend to be, I want to be…but then I look in the mirror in the morning and switch into black or blue earrings.

So for you flashy outspoken ladies- I hope you win these!


** winner will be chosen tomorrow night.

(which we’re going to the zoo lights and I’m really excited. Great family time with great friends)

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  1. Hi I miss you and I miss Emma and ya I even miss Trav =( when are we gonna get together the four of us for dinner or something…..it’s never been this hard to catch up!!!

    well I love you and hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. oh and by the way I love the earings!!! but you already knew I love your jewlery =)

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