Here are the earrings, so sorry it’s taken me this long! Can you believe I forgot to post them?! lol It’s been a crazy busy day. Hope you comment and win!

This pair of earrings I made thinking of Spring. These reminded me of flowers. 🙂 I love wrapped jewelry, it just speaks to me. They dangle beautifully and are light on the lobes.


This next pair of earringsare special. They were made with beads I got when I was forst starting to get into jewelry making. Light and durable you’d think I would wear theses ore. I’m just not a red person. I pretend to be, I want to be…but then I look in the mirror in the morning and switch into black or blue earrings.

So for you flashy outspoken ladies- I hope you win these!


** winner will be chosen tomorrow night.

(which we’re going to the zoo lights and I’m really excited. Great family time with great friends)

Jewelry Giveaway

Jewelry. I just have too much. I have tons. Tons people. I sell it as much as I can but I keep getting/making more. So…I’m giving away lots this week. Keep coming back to comment. The winner will be chosen randomly. The good thing for you? I’ll be giving away more than one piece a day. Hopefully. If I have time. Today I’m giving away 2 items. A bracelet and earrings.

I don’t know what the thing with me is, but I believe strongly in stretchy bracelets. I used to think that they were cheaply made and kid-ish. That was until I started buying/making clasp bracelets and decided clasps are stupid. They are hard to do one handedly, and always rests on the top of your wrist keeping the pretty beads/crystals out of view. Stupid. Enough ranting! Let’s focus


So I made tons of stretchy bracelets that went with most of my clothes. So why a, I getting rid of some? If I haven’t worn it in forever meaning in the past 4-5 months it’s a potential for you. And um, need I say theses would be awesome FREE Christmas presents too!


Secondly, here is a nice pair of light green glass earrings. They are super tough so if they fall (because I drop everything including these beauties) they won’t break. They are adorable on and very light.


The winner will be chosen tomorrow morning. Just leave me a comment to enter the drawing!

Long Earlobes? Hope not!

I have a phobia about having huge dangly earlobes when I’m older. Shallow? Yes. Do I think about it? Yes. And do I make earrings to try my best to not let it happen? Yes.I made these earrings today and they are super light and even though I feel them swinging I know that my earlobes are safe. (hehe) Enjoy! And I’m thinking of doing abother giveaway soon with jewelry…still thinking about it.


Those purple ones are special to me cause I was wearing them as Emma was born. 🙂 I added a new hook to them but I hope to not loose them but later give them to Emma. Is that weird?

Here is my favorite one I made from today:


Simple Elegant Emeralds

No, this giveaway does not involve REAL emeralds- some day when I’m rich, promise. But util then you will have to be ok with emerald colored crystals. While I was in Europe last year, Krakow, Poland, I noticed many women wearing earrings that were long, simple and also feminine. I like sparkly things too, so I combined both. I also like things that swoosh.



I know they could be more complex and intricate but my life is complex enough. Don’t know about you, but a pair of simple earrings is not only easy to wear with more things, but it somehow offsets the ‘complex’ areas of my life. Rereading that, how weird that sounds! But I guess it’s true. Anyhoo, I am giving theses to one of you. All you have to do is comment on this blog. Easy Shmeezy.




Rules: Just comment on this blog. Winner will be chosen by Random.com. You have until tomorrow to comment and tell your friends. Or if you don’t want them winning don’t tell them.

Compleeeeetly different subject- I found this blog and like it. Check it out.

My Weekend Give Away!

It’s been FOREVER since my last give away and I thought something summery would do the trick. I didn’t want to spend any money because I’m a cheap skate. So after looking through different things in my creative part of the house, and figuring out that I might have to mail it I decided on jewelry. What a shock.

But enough with the griping. Who wants to win this hot summery set?! The earrings are made with fresh water pearls and the red stones…I think are a type of onyx. But don’t quote me on that. Aren’t they pretty? I made the bracelet stretchy so you don’t have to worry about clasps, I’m into stretchy bracelets right now. It’s all about if your daughter gets a hold of it will she brake it or just stretch it. Stretch it please, oh stretch it. Remember to click on it for a bigger prettier picture.

Rules: simple just comment ON MY BLOG. You don’t have to have a blog to comment. Just comment, and on Sunday night (when we will be getting back from the beach- whoop whoop!) I will go to random.org and it will chose it for me. Only one comment per person. 😉 Thought you’d be sneaky on me huh…

None None

Earrings and Emma

I am uploading some new pictures onto my webpage and thought I would also share them here. I like going to people’s blogs and just look at pretty things sometimes. Not very deep or life changing, but nice and makes me smile. (isn’t that better than medicine anyways?!)

It’s so easy for me to compare my pieces to others…and that always makes me feel discouraged. I just realized though, I like classy simple pieces. Sure, I’ll make a funky item once in a while, but people (including myself) wear pieces/sets that go with many outfits. Simple lines and classic looks…never run out of style. I think that my jewelry fits that. So, I am now a little more comfortable in my own skin as an artist. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. 😉

Pink Sharpness

Whimsicaly Blue

Baltic Beauties

Classy Coral

So Emma went to th doctor yesterday and she is up to the 5%! (better than the 2% a couple weeks ago) that means that out of 100 children her age she would be the 5th from the shortest. I am happy to see her gain weight and grow. I am also having a fun time with some new clothes I bought for her. Here is a picture taken Thursday in front of our church. Can you say adorable?!

Emma in her cute out fit