The past few days have run on like a blur. I know I’ve done things with people, cleaned the house and even made food…but my mind seems so distracted that I’m glad I documented what I did this past weekend! It was beautiful and sunny.

I’ve recently noticed in myself how affected by the weather I am. I have a lot more energy and feel more go-getter-ish than on say a lazy cloudy day. I think between the two I would prefer a cloudy day to a sunnier one. But I’ve been warned by the elderly that as my age increases so will my desire for the sun. I have yet to see that happen, although I’ve already spent how long on this post about the sun and how it affects my mood for the better? Hmmm….carrying on….

Trav, Emma and I went for a walk on a local bike path and it was heavenly! It was great spending just family time together, people were more friendly saying ‘morning’ as we walked past each other and we had a chance to talk about whatever and not feel rushed because of a meeting to go to.

I think it was in the 70’s! *sigh so nice…(but I still like cloudy days. lol I am forever loyal to overcast days and drizzle. I think it’s the romantic whispy feel it brings with it. Snuggling with my cats…fire on…and I’m a sucker for books, blankets and hot drinks. Sorry for the de-railment of subjects)

As we were getting ready Emma HAD to choose her shoes (which is a morning ritual) and she rutinly picks out these blazing beauties. My mom got them for Emma at Target and she wears them everywhere. To bed even. And when I get her out of her bed, I find her trying to put them on/off herself- which she can’t do but it’s fun to see her get frustrated trying to do it alone. I’m mean sometimes.

You know those annoying people who say, ‘OK, now one the count of three! Ready? OK, now one, Oh shoot..OK try again, one, two THREE!’ and they seem to yell it without any effort at all and embarrass you those around you? I am that person. Here we were on the trail and I humiliated them both. But they don’t look too devastated.

I’m being nice and not blowing this bad boy up to a close up of our faces. Let’s just say it was hot, I was out of breadth and Trav was pushing the stroller at the same time- action picture!


Later that day we had small group at our house and I was busy making food for it. God bless Potluck themed get togethers…they make my day so much easier. I made (as you see with the picture below) Bacon and cheese JoJo’s (which rocked) a fruit plate (didn’t get to take a photo of that but it was pretty) and some individual cakes for each person.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t take pictures of the dessert…I told you in the beginning I’m not thinking clearly these days. (that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it)

I made a dip for them too, shown below. Picture shows ingredients. And for those of you who don’t like sour cream (*wink, I know who you are) There was BBQ sauce. Because really, BBQ sauce is FAR better than ketchup and should, in my friend Theron’s opinion, become the new condiment leaving ketchup in the dust. I would vote for that.

We had a great time and lounged on our deck (which I struggled in vain to make it cute…but really how cute can you get when you have painting materials lying around because they’re painting the whole neighborhood?!) None the less, good friends are those that look besides the ugly patched up siding and and drop cloths on bushes and hang with you because it’s a beautiful night and we want to spend time with each other talking. No better reason I think. Good friends are soothing to my soul and last night was wonderful. Everyone laughing, talking about personal struggles and being there to listen and sympathize.

Well, right now Monday afternoon, Emma’s napping and when she wakes we’re going to the library to find some murder mysteries and poetry..and maybe even a Barney book. 😉

P.S. I’m trying this new theme out and we’ll see if it sticks. Sorry about the stretching of the photos, I’m trying to fix it.

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