A food post is long over due. My apologies. So without further stalling:



No. They tasted better than they looked. They were that good.

I didn’t make this, Weronika did so I was only able to document after she had cooled the cake. Enjoy the pictures and I hope it excites you to try this yourself.  



(but hey, it’s chocolate and coconut, who would expect anything less?!)


then comes the fun part:


…and there you go (in the best Greek accent I can muster, which isn’t really good at all)


I prayed over them to be fat, sugar and calorie free. I think God honors creative slightly outlandish prayers. 🙂

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  1. Now, Alexis, I know you are a woman of faith, but I think we will have to wait to get to heaven to have your prayer answered. However, here on earth Lamingtons look they could be enjoyed…in moderation. But if God chooses to answer your prayer here on earth, I will celebrate! Yum! ( :

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