Photo shoot: Hanson’s Family

I was asked to take family pictures and jumped at the opportunity.  Travis helped by taking some pictures and we both agreed that when are asked again to take pictures we just need another camera.

Anyhoo, it was a beautiful sunny winter morning here in Portland. Perfect! Hope you enjoy looking at these. 🙂


One of my favorites. Real authentic smiles are hard when you have someone in your face with a camera. I usually say stupid things to make myself sound crazy and that makes them laugh. Here, he’s probably thinking, ‘Hon, who did you ask to take our pictures?! She’s a crazy person!’


You know that saying, ‘Boys will be Boys’? These two boys are whom that statement is for. Creative, Energetic, Imaginative and yes a little rowdy. It was fun seeing Brianne chase after them in her beautiful heels. hehehe  


 Throwing this in to make you smile. Did you have moments like this when you were younger? I think most did in some way. hehehe It always pays to be the oldest.


She had on one of the most adorable pairs of shoes. Which she might find missing from her closet one morning…;)


(For some reason some pictures are coming up blurry on here. Bummer.)




ADORABLE kids huh?! Well, with such good looking parents of course they would have pretty kids! 🙂


A little kissy kiss.


I hope you have a fabulous Monday. 🙂

PS Brianne has an awesome Etsy shopwhere she sells her scarfs (shown above) as well as headbands like the one her daughter is wearing. Check her out!

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  1. you are really good photographers… I have a DSLR you could borrow, as long as you have your own SD card. just let me know when you need it. 😛

  2. Thanks for taking our pictures! I love the one of Joe zooming around. 🙂

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