Chicken Broccoli Casserole

This is for you Laura…


I have had no real desire to make casseroles, but as I’m asked about my casserole recipes, it challenged me. Which I loved. I love being challenged. 

Here is a basic in our house. And one I’m sure you had in other people’s house or growing up. Switch it up to add your own flare. Just scroll through the pictures to see how I put it together. 

Basic Ingredients:

Cream of Chicken (mixed with water)

Canned Chicken (for the lazy days)

Broccoli (cut up then froze for dinners just like this)

Pepper and Red pepper flakes for heat

Brown Rice (remember to make more for another recipe later on in the week, like chili/fajitas)

Shredded cheese (for us salt lovers)


Just Cream of Chicken/Water/Canned Chicken and Spices


then broccoli….forgot to take picture of the rice and shredded cheese too….but it’s in there.


I didn’t have breadcrumbs. So I improvised with crushed up oyster crackers. Wouldn’t do that again. Just tasted weird.


And here is Emma’s reaction to me saying she had to take ONE bite. She later ate 5 bites for the promise of a treat with a friend we were hanging out with that night. Poor Snow White.


Enjoy Laura! 🙂

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  1. Emma is so expressive. You manage to capture them so well!

    That sounds yummy! Might have to try it!

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