Our dreaded stroller

I mentioned earlier that I am training for a 5k. Not that long for some…long for me. Training is a must. 🙂

Well, I’ve been doing really good (can you hear it coming? lol) BUT the past week or so I’ve been forced to run alone with Emma. (which means the dreaded stroller) During these runs,  not only am I wearing the same thing each time cause I have no running clothes, I have a little 3 yr old telling/yelling at me to ‘RUN FASTER MOMMY!’ but the big cheese: the left wheel of the stroller is flatter than the rest, resulting in the whole stroller veering to the left. Sa-weet. So my left wrist hurts along with my legs  at the end of my runs because I’m having to over correct it.

And I’m explaining all this because last night I was looking forward to running with the girls (and stroller) but couldn’t at the last moment. I was so disapointed! And when I heard that a new week (longer distance) is upon us- forget it. I was so tempted to say…’maybe in this season it’s not a good time to run’ and other excuses.

But the truth is:

1. It is hard running without a friend.

2. It is hard running with a stroller that wants to go sideways on a trail.

3. A whinny attitude is FAR easier to adapt to than a grown up one.

So today looks like: running alone without the stroller. And you know what? I’m excited about it! Wish me luck!….and endurance!

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