Jingle Bell Run/Walk Portland 2011

Yes, I have another goal to focus on. And I’m really excited about it!!!


I have a friend I hung out with yesterday and as she told me of her weekly exercise routine I was so impressed! She has 2 kids, a wife and has a crazy full schedule outside of excersising BUT she makes time to run (at least 3-5 miles) Monday-Friday and then swimming laps on one of the off days. And chose to take a day off to rest. 6 days a week. Incredible.

CRAZY RIGHT?! (but I have to admit I’m totally jealous of her determination and endurance)

Without meaning to, she has inspired me to get back into running. Who cares that it’s starting to get cold. On the days when its raining sideways because of the rain will be my challenge. To go outside or not.

I know myself and know I’m mostly a wimp. 🙂 Totally OK saying that. But I’m a wimp who is in training to be a tough mama! And my hope is to run 3 times a week and maybe swim 2-3 times a month.

However, I really need a goal. I will totally flake out if I don’t have one, and also friends to complain to encourage each other.

So me and some friends have decided on the Jingle Bell Run downtown. It’s a run/walk so not too much pressure. Should be fun really.

Wish me luck! 🙂 (and if you want to join our group, comment and let me know)

Our dreaded stroller

I mentioned earlier that I am training for a 5k. Not that long for some…long for me. Training is a must. 🙂

Well, I’ve been doing really good (can you hear it coming? lol) BUT the past week or so I’ve been forced to run alone with Emma. (which means the dreaded stroller) During these runs,  not only am I wearing the same thing each time cause I have no running clothes, I have a little 3 yr old telling/yelling at me to ‘RUN FASTER MOMMY!’ but the big cheese: the left wheel of the stroller is flatter than the rest, resulting in the whole stroller veering to the left. Sa-weet. So my left wrist hurts along with my legs  at the end of my runs because I’m having to over correct it.

And I’m explaining all this because last night I was looking forward to running with the girls (and stroller) but couldn’t at the last moment. I was so disapointed! And when I heard that a new week (longer distance) is upon us- forget it. I was so tempted to say…’maybe in this season it’s not a good time to run’ and other excuses.

But the truth is:

1. It is hard running without a friend.

2. It is hard running with a stroller that wants to go sideways on a trail.

3. A whinny attitude is FAR easier to adapt to than a grown up one.

So today looks like: running alone without the stroller. And you know what? I’m excited about it! Wish me luck!….and endurance!

Hell has officially frozen over…

Yes that’s right, Hell has officially frozen over. The fat lady has sung and now crazy things are a happenin’. I AM RUNNING. Like actually exercising. As in my body is tired consistently and I am still pushing it to the limits every week with the combination of sweating too much and being out of breath. (twilight zone music now)

OK, all joking aside, this is ca-razy for me. I’ve always told people I was allergic to exercising, with some small part of me actually believing it to be true. You know that thought, ”Good for them, but that is SO not for me” So how am I doing it?

1. new accessories. It’s fun to use new little toys while working out.

2. not doing this alone. (there’s about 6-7 of us ladies)

3. our fast approaching goal:

2011 Portland Get Your Rear In Gear Run/Walk

I know, crazy right? We’re following this plan, and it’s really doable. Even though we’re running a lot, I’m kinda nervous about being ready in time. July 24th is quickly approaching!

So yeah, you’ll probably be getting random progress reports leading up to that morning. 🙂

Summer=5K…good Lord help me


What plans do you have this summer? Zoo? Picnics? Library? Our house needs to make our summer list. But unlike most everyone else, I’m focused to plan for rest and relaxation. It’s not too hard for this house to find business and plans.


Summer is suppose to be about enjoying a LAZY warm afternoon right??

And in our family, we need to schedule these times or we will get busy doing tons of other fun things. And yes, we plan on being lazy with friends. 🙂 It’s totally possible. Is our family like yours?



I am doing a couch to 5K with a couple friends and am excited and unprepared. One thing is for certain: I am going to lean heavily on friend support. Wish me luck! 🙂

However, I was reminded while I heaved, breathed sighs and almost passed out (kidding, drama makes everything more interesting) I had thoughts like, ‘Um, I can’t do this.’ ‘I’d rather be exercising another way’ ‘this is too hard!’

These are normal I think, but when I think about some of the stories of people who have overcome so much to do something like a marathon, Special Olympics or Hood to Coast (Portland race) a clearer perspective is in front of me and I have more determination. They are so insparational and their stories give hope to myself and Ibegin to say, ‘this is doable’, ‘I have friends who are doing this with me-I’m not alone’ and ‘I have a goal’


In the past few days a seed has slowly been growing in my head. The seed of ‘healthy-ness’. If you know me, you already know I’m seriously allergic to exercise. My face immediately turns red, I have a hard time breathing and days later my body is sore from the little escapade. Not good. However doctors are saying that it is good to stretch your body and to ‘feel the burn’. (which sounds and feels horrible) I prefer a nice leisurely stroll through Ann Taylor or H&M.

Cheap!!! I could do that...

However, I can tell that my body is not…working it it’s potential. I’m not wanting to lose weight, but rather strengthen my ‘core’. So…I have slowly began to think that I am about to make a new master plan. I will add nasty chores like cleaning bathrooms with other nasty chores…like torturous tummy crunches, walks outside in the freezing butt cold wind and maybe even a few yoga lessons.

Here it is.  *This is open to changes. 😉

Sunday: Stretching, Laundry ALL DAY LONG, Dust

Monday: RELAXATION DAY, Polish lessons

Tuesday: Stretching, Cat boxes, Tuesday Treats

Wednesday: Polish lessons, empty garbages/recycle, Yoga

Thursday:  Clean stove/sink, Walk Outside (please give me nice weather God!), take out garbages

Friday: Clean bathrooms, Yoga, BOOK Day

Saturday: Polish lessons, Stretching, do my fingernails

*some things I’m going to do in my day to day routine. Park way away from things to make me walk farther, always walk to the park- don’t drive, take stairs when I can, try to eat more veggies and make less desserts, blog often of course- and have fun!