Hell has officially frozen over…

Yes that’s right, Hell has officially frozen over. The fat lady has sung and now crazy things are a happenin’. I AM RUNNING. Like actually exercising. As in my body is tired consistently and I am still pushing it to the limits every week with the combination of sweating too much and being out of breath. (twilight zone music now)

OK, all joking aside, this is ca-razy for me. I’ve always told people I was allergic to exercising, with some small part of me actually believing it to be true. You know that thought, ”Good for them, but that is SO not for me” So how am I doing it?

1. new accessories. It’s fun to use new little toys while working out.

2. not doing this alone. (there’s about 6-7 of us ladies)

3. our fast approaching goal:

2011 Portland Get Your Rear In Gear Run/Walk

I know, crazy right? We’re following this plan, and it’s really doable. Even though we’re running a lot, I’m kinda nervous about being ready in time. July 24th is quickly approaching!

So yeah, you’ll probably be getting random progress reports leading up to that morning. 🙂

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  1. You are so funny!! Your blog makes me laugh=)

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