Fare weather health fan? Totally.

I am so embracing this GORGEOUS weather we’ve gotten today and which is suppose to continue into the weekend. (great pictures coming if that’s true)

Isn’t it weird how when the weather gets beautiful we want to eat lighter and healthier? Makes me smile…and brings me to say that I have no shame in declaring that I am now (finally!) jumping on the bandwagon, with everyone else I know, and try to eat healthy. (until late September)

A fare weather health fan? Totally. Thus….breakfast:

14412335490.jpgI used to work at a bistro and they made awesome fruit parfaits. Couple that with the knowledge (thanks to Oprah) that grapefruit is basically a super fruit and also helps with aging…you have my healthy/great tasting breakfast. Only problem? I made way too much. I will cut the amount in half next time.

*and just for fun (because you have to have motivation to eat healthy) I declared my favorite yellow flower bowl to be my parfait bowl.


Ruby Grapefruit, Low fat granola and Nancy’s non fat Vanilla yogurt. I sprinkled a bit of sugar cause the yogurt was just a bit sour to me. I have a sugar addiction and have no plan on quitting.


Can I just say that having┬álong hair rocks! I have had very short hair (Audrey Hepburn short) and like it that way even though the upkeep is a lot. But a while ago I decided to grow my hair out, and even though it’s taken FOREVER, it is just now getting to the length that I can fool around with. I am having so much fun doing things… like side buns:

14412718857.jpgI would technically consider my hair ‘medium length’ but the fun is beginning! Yay!!! ­čÖé


*please ignore that my face is an obvious shade darker than my neck. We live in the Northwest. Enough said.

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