I think bacon is my chocolate. You know how every woman and practically every man love an would even die for chocolate? Are you one of them? I married one. Lucky for him, he gets all the chocolate people give me. Why? cause I don’t like the taste of chocolate.

Yes I’m human. Yes I’m a woman. Yes, I don’t like chocolate. My mother doesn’t, nor my brother nor my sister. It’s a family thing I guess. So when a person asks me what I like in it’s place I shrug and come up blank. Salty foods have always been my downfall but I love them all so much. Motzerella sticks (addicted!), Chips and Salsa (my granmom shakes more salt on the chips at restaurants), and of course bacon. Lovely pepper bacon or apple bacon…they’re all yummy. But the new craze of bacon chocolate? Not so much…at all.

I was cooking tons of bacon (for storage) and realized how much I ┬álove it. It makes any meal way better. Period. I could almost write a poem about bacon…but I’m not that creative. It’ll probably come out lame. hahaha


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