My brother is a lot like most members in my family. We show love by giving. Gifts, remembering your favorite drink/candy and surprising you with one. Or whatever. Birthdays in our family are pretty big to eachother and Eric and I are 5 days apart. His the 4th and mine the 9th.

Last time I went to Seattle was to celebrate the ‘birthday month’. My dad’s is also in that fabulous fall month. (although the eaves are changing later and September has been pretty warm here-Portland.) We met at Red Robin and strolled along the mall and he surprised me by getting me a pair of brown boots! Yay!

I’d been wanting a newer nicer pair. My other pair is well cheaply made and last time I wore them in Poland my feet froze off. Weaven though I was wearing 2 people-TWO pairs of socks. Don’t buy boots from Fred Meyer that you expect to take to a colder climate. Poor choice.


I am well aware that he is very good looking. He is 27, lives in Seattle and enjoys warmer climates. He also looks like my dad. Mostly. And I look like my mom. Mostly.

At Red Robin I nearly ended his life early. I was going to tell them that not only was this his birthday (singing, balloons around your ears and free ice cream sundae-gotta love America) but I was going to tell them it was his big 30th BIRTHDAY!!! HAHAHA My dad and I thought this up. Well he thought of the 30 part and the singing was mine.

I kept trying to get the waitress’ attention but she didn’t come till he was there and Eric would’ve been looking for it. Too bad. Next year Eric, next year.


Boots. A whole store of boots. Mother have mercy.


My new boots. Pretty. Beautiful. Dark Brown.


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  1. I love the pictures! So creative. I especially like the one of you and Eric

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