Day 19: Shoes

I have decided to join some other bloggers to do a 30 day challenge. We are following a fun list of things to take a picture of every day for a month. It would be awesome to have you join in on the fun! Just let me know so I can follow ya. 🙂

Day 19: Shoes
These were a special present from Travis. We love them!!!!  🙂
Fake Uggs: H&M/Snow White Shoes:Disney Store


My brother is a lot like most members in my family. We show love by giving. Gifts, remembering your favorite drink/candy and surprising you with one. Or whatever. Birthdays in our family are pretty big to eachother and Eric and I are 5 days apart. His the 4th and mine the 9th.

Last time I went to Seattle was to celebrate the ‘birthday month’. My dad’s is also in that fabulous fall month. (although the eaves are changing later and September has been pretty warm here-Portland.) We met at Red Robin and strolled along the mall and he surprised me by getting me a pair of brown boots! Yay!

I’d been wanting a newer nicer pair. My other pair is well cheaply made and last time I wore them in Poland my feet froze off. Weaven though I was wearing 2 people-TWO pairs of socks. Don’t buy boots from Fred Meyer that you expect to take to a colder climate. Poor choice.


I am well aware that he is very good looking. He is 27, lives in Seattle and enjoys warmer climates. He also looks like my dad. Mostly. And I look like my mom. Mostly.

At Red Robin I nearly ended his life early. I was going to tell them that not only was this his birthday (singing, balloons around your ears and free ice cream sundae-gotta love America) but I was going to tell them it was his big 30th BIRTHDAY!!! HAHAHA My dad and I thought this up. Well he thought of the 30 part and the singing was mine.

I kept trying to get the waitress’ attention but she didn’t come till he was there and Eric would’ve been looking for it. Too bad. Next year Eric, next year.


Boots. A whole store of boots. Mother have mercy.


My new boots. Pretty. Beautiful. Dark Brown.


Mod Retro Indie Clothing

You know those adds that are on the side of your Facebook page? I clicked on one this morning (which I never do) and found the most amazing site EVER!!! You must check it out here. You will thank me later. In my opinion it’s better than Etsy even! It has all kinds of vintag-y and retro and current styles. rings, shoes, dresses (and oh the dresses!), shirts, pants and purses.

Here are some things I would LOVE to get…hint hint family members.

*Warning: When looking at this site, make sure you have at LEAST an hour. It’s addictive

You have to look online at the black dress. The detail and lace is unbelievable! What a perfect black dress…

There are 2 items that really jumped out at me and made me yearn to hold them in my little hands and hang them in my closet. The shirt above is one. I LOVE and I mean LOVE anything hinting to 1800’s period clothing. The shirt above is close to perfection in my mind. Uh, present anyone?!

And last but not least is the most adorable, ‘I NEED’ swimming suit. I am needing a new one, my other died on me, and I’m dreaming of owning this. Most one pieces are boring and well, lets just be honest: lame-o with a capital L. This however says fun and adorable. And best of all, I can feel comfortable in it, which is the main point anyways.

Itching for what?

It’s weird that since the new year, a ton of blogs I’m following are trying to keep up and post more frequent…when I’m doing the opposite. funny.

It’s another sunny day here but pretty chilly…we’ll by chilly I mean in the 40’s. Yeah, pretty nice. 🙂 My mom left yesterday and I was struck with how I got used to her presence. I really miss her. And you too Jamie. 😉 I am pretty much caught up with household things, and now just focusing on what is ‘normal’. Like our normal schedule. Emma’s normal nap time, we should make something fun with markers and coffee filters today. Yeah, and maybe I’ll give in and we could watch Snow White and eat some Cheeto’s – Emma’s all time favorite. She LOVES LOVES LOVES chips. *sigh just like her mommy.

I have tons of food in my cupboards and I am feeling itchy to make a meal schedule for the next 2-3 weeks. Is that sick that I’m itching to do that? Hmmm.  My mom took me to Safeway (which is CRAZY expensive if you don’t coupon) and she bought me things I NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER buy.  Curry Powder, Brie, really nice Olive Oil, V8 Splash for Emma and other things. Thank you mom for spoiling me! 🙂

Many cool new recipes to follow, and I promise that they’ll be easy to do too.

We also went…shoe shopping! Enjoy- I sure did. 🙂

Last post before flying out

The dragon is a napkin holder…interesting and very artistic. The other picture is of a new scarf. Some last minute things before we leave. Pack everything. Harder than it sounds. Calling taxi’s, meeting with friends, playing with play dough with Emma, calling the landlord, etc.

Emma got a pair of shoes a couple days ago. We were getting back from Wrocław and Emma was really fussy. We went through Galleria and decided to just have dinner there- food always makes Emma a happier person. It took forever for the food to arrive so Emma and I went to surrounding shops to distract Emma walk around. We entered a shoe shop and she went crazy! She was so excited to see colorful shoes that she immediately wanted to take her boots off and try some on. She kept holding up her feet and asking, ‘help, help?’ I was shocked, this was the first time she really showed her preference for shoes. So I bought the cheapest pair and she was beaming I tell you carrying her shoes to the counter. She couldn’t wait to show daddy too. They’re pretty cute if I do say so myself.

This is in one of the surrounding parks by the square. Trav took this and I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

We are leaving at 5am tomorrow morning and will first be flying to Warsaw-stay there 5 hours (oh yuck) then flying to Chicago (9 hours-not bad) then to Portland. *sigh It will be a long day. Would appreciate your prayers.

In my Fall closet

These pieces are hanging or sitting in my closet. I am totally ready for Fall and can’t wait to wear more jackets and hats. I’ve been really into wearing my jean skirt with light colored tights and then my black wedges. We’ll see how long this lasts though. Fads go in and out. Right now? I’m typing this wearing jeans and a fleece pull over. Nothing fancy. I did however, just come back from my first MOPS group. It was nice and comfortable. We had tons of girly food, a craft (which I rocked on) and a couple speakers. It was nice. I think totally worth the $35 for a year. We are also going on outings to pumpkin patches, coffee get together’s, making meals for families with new babies and no one to help them, etc.
~oh, back to fashion. You know when you walk through a mall and you see pieces that you love but would have nowhere to wear them? Here are a few of mine:
Wish List
Wish List by aemielonen featuring Marni
Aren’t they beautiful?! As you can see, I like the bling. The ring, I suppose is do-able…but I wouldn’t wear it to the next MOPS meeting though. 🙂 Even though I have this picture of the things I wish I had an excuse to wear, I am very happy and satisfied with my Zabra printed bag. I can fit everything into it! And when I’m wearing nothing special, my purse and a little lip gloss makes the whole outfit look put together. Now, I just need to go to a place like…Goodwill and look at their rings, maybe I can find something there I like. If not, I could always go to Target. *sigh, but they make their jewelry so…lets just say I fix a lot of Target jewelry for people. They fall apart, tear, become unglued or a link comes out. We’ll see. I’m in no hurry to buy anything. But Christmas is just around the corner…