1 After Jesus had finished teaching the people, he went to Capernaum. 2 In that town an army officer’s servant was sick and about to die. The officer liked this servant very much. 3 And when he heard about Jesus, he sent some Jewish leaders to ask him to come and heal the servant.

4 The leaders went to Jesus and begged him to do something. They said, “This man deserves your help!5 He loves our nation and even built us a meeting place.”

6 So Jesus went with them.
When Jesus wasn’t far from the house, the officer sent some friends to tell him, “Lord, don’t go to any trouble for me! I am not good enough for you to come into my house.
7 And I am certainly not worthy to come to you. Just say the word, and my servant will get well. 8 I have officers who give orders to me, and I have soldiers who take orders from me. I can say to one of them, ‘Go!’ and he goes. I can say to another, ‘Come!’ and he comes. I can say to my servant, ‘Do this!’ and he will do it.”

9 When Jesus heard this, he was so surprised that he turned and said to the crowd following him, “In all of Israel I’ve never found anyone with this much faith!”

10 The officer’s friends returned and found the servant well.


Some thoughts on this passage I read today:

Seems like the leaders came to Jesus qualifying why this Roman officer deserved help. (ie helping make a building for them) And He went regardless of their heart situation. But when the officer’s servants came to give another message, it portrayed such respect. But what hit me most was the kingdom mindset the officer had and was living in. It even surprised Jesus! (according to the bible)

How often do I come to God with the mindset that I have to qualify everything…too often. WAY too often. I want that kingdom mentality that understands the power of His words and that if He declares something- then it will happen. I don’t have to worry about qualifying myself before God can move.

God, would you remind me of this passage and the talk You and I had about it. I want your truths to bury themselves deep in my heart.

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