Janek the Pirate Captain

Don’t you just wish you could relax like animals…or at least like cats?! Never complaining and even prefering paper bags to comfy couches. Hmmm, but maybe he isn’t relaxing at all and is…pretending to be a sea captain! Captain Janek out on the wide open ocean who has the last treasure map taking him to a treasure chest full of tuna and fake mice. (because real mice would be yucky) There he hudles behind a big rock looking at the site of the treasure. But alas, it is guarded by many scary looking cars and dogs. Will he be able to take hold of this treasure?!

Captain Janek


Janek's alter-ego

Mommy and Emma

Emma and I had a nice day together although our days tend to side more on the boring end of the scale. Our exciting adventure today was we went grocery shopping. My life has officially become lame. I never though I would get excited and plan my meals out 2 weeks in advance and make desserts just because. However, if I was living by myself I would seriously be eating a whole lot crappier.

Emma's pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and¬†unfortunately¬†didn’t get pumpkins. The ATM wasn’t working and the fix-it-man wasn’t fixing…sad day. Well Emma got her pumpkin at the grocery store today and tomorrow we will decorate it. I have a couple ideas. We’ll see- and of course I will take pictures of it.

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