Just some pictures from lunch.

Snacking is my specialty. 😉

I took some time to take pictures of our beautiful day today.

Did you know my favorite color is green? LOVE it!

no idea why… but the picture of the grass is dream y to me. Love the different shades of green.

and finally when I was coming in I saw a little man who was up to no good! Kitchen counter is off limits…or I guess if only we are around.

We’re going to the Portland Saturday Market and I’m so excited! I’ll bring my camera and take as many picts as the camera will let me. Enjoy your Saturday!

Oh and no I haven’t forgotten to make the cinnamon rolls. Tonight baby…

Post Easter

Crazy is a good word to describe this past weekend. Or maybe hectic. I was in the program and loved it- all 5 services. I love being around people who focus on others and use their creative artistic gifts to reach out and be ambassadors for God. if I get a link to the service, I’ll link it as soon as I get it.

After the last service, it was a little after 3pm. So I came home, changed and the Mielonen clan went to a friends house to have an Easter dinner. Amy, thank you so much for hosting us! Emma loved having the easter egg hunt and playing with Rylee was a highlight of her day. For me a highlight was being able to open Emma’s birthday present! Those squeaker shoes are PERFECT! Love, love them. Emma will have to blog about them soon. 😉

Anyhoo, we came home with blessed left overs. They had AMAZING food. (I forgot my memory card so no pictures 🙁 ) Like ribs, veggies, cheese fondue and homemade bread sticks for appetizers! And they had ham, lamb, mashed potatoes, salad, fruit salad,HOMEMADE croissants, pasta salad…and I know I’m forgetting things. Dessert was easter cookies (so yummy!), fruit filled crepes and a red velvet cake. Oh man, I think I gained 5lbs. I was stuffed when I left! 🙂

And here comes my favorite thing…ready for it?! I’m such a girl…who loves my starches!

I had 2 for lunch today. With a lot of butter. My world is more well rounded now. As is my stomach. hehe

I have things I have to do today…but if it were up to me, this is what I would be. My sweet Janek. In front of the fire, lounging and no cares in the world. *sigh Is it ok to live vicariously through your cat? Sounds a little unhealthy. Hmmm….

Janek the Pirate Captain

Don’t you just wish you could relax like animals…or at least like cats?! Never complaining and even prefering paper bags to comfy couches. Hmmm, but maybe he isn’t relaxing at all and is…pretending to be a sea captain! Captain Janek out on the wide open ocean who has the last treasure map taking him to a treasure chest full of tuna and fake mice. (because real mice would be yucky) There he hudles behind a big rock looking at the site of the treasure. But alas, it is guarded by many scary looking cars and dogs. Will he be able to take hold of this treasure?!

Captain Janek


Janek's alter-ego

Mommy and Emma

Emma and I had a nice day together although our days tend to side more on the boring end of the scale. Our exciting adventure today was we went grocery shopping. My life has officially become lame. I never though I would get excited and plan my meals out 2 weeks in advance and make desserts just because. However, if I was living by myself I would seriously be eating a whole lot crappier.

Emma's pumpkin

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and unfortunately didn’t get pumpkins. The ATM wasn’t working and the fix-it-man wasn’t fixing…sad day. Well Emma got her pumpkin at the grocery store today and tomorrow we will decorate it. I have a couple ideas. We’ll see- and of course I will take pictures of it.

What a Typical Monday looks like in my house

What a typical Monday looks like in our house.

We usually eat blueberry pancakes

On a typical Monday and most days you will find me making either crepes or pancakes. (different verities of course) Emma and I both love them.


I turned to clean her tray from breakfast and hear this ‘whosh’ sound…oh no. As I walk into the living room I see Emma has emptied the ENTIRE box of Goldfish crackers. hehe Life is too short to get mad over things like this. I took some pictures and we learned how to clean up.

Emma snuggling

Emma is a snuggler, most of the time. She loves, and  I mean loves, Chloe. And Chloe likes her, but I think that’s because Emma feeds her human food- just a hypothesis. Anyhoo, I was looking on Facebook in the morning and looked up to find this. How cute! (notice the pancake still in her hands) I didn’t remember to turn on the flash though- my bad.

Attack of Chloe

I can never ever get on the computer and not have Chloe want to all of a sudden snuggle with me.  It makes it impossible to type. She can’t be comfortable with me typing and moving- but there she stays. Sweet stubborn thing.

They like to snuggle with eachother


Any time I take photos of the cats, Emma comes up and fake smiles wanting me to take some of her…I love that about her. That’s about it. I didn’t take any photos of last night, but I went to a friends house to watch MNF and Trav stayed home and chilled with Emma. Have a great Tuesday.

Kittie Photo Shoot

Do you ever have those days where most things seem pretty? Today is that day for me. Maybe it’s the cooler weather. Who knows. I took a photo shoot of my cats and got some pretty beautiful ones…but also some crack up F.U.N.N.Y. pictures. Those of course, I’ll post. 🙂

Let me introduce you to the other man in the house, besides Trav. His name is Janek, pronounced ‘Yanek’. He is the most lovable cat I’ve ever met. He has never hissed at anything and you could pull his tail or whatever and he’ll just take it. He’s crazy. Trav is very proud to call him, ‘My cat’. Whatever. I still think my Chloe is better.

Hansome Janek

Oh yeah...hehehe

Let me introduce you to Chloe. She is annoyed by most everyone and will swat at you if you get into her bubble. She is NOT pregnant, just fat. She was my first baby. And apart from me (her favorite) she adores Emma. (but that could be because she feeds her people food) She is a closet snuggler and an all around perfect cat for me.


*sigh, I love her so much...

Be nice because I also am posting a picture of myself. I feel a little uncomfortable doing that but when I read blogs I always like to see photos of the writer/blogger so here you go. BE NICE TOO. This is with wet hair and no make up. Why? Because I know you can relate to me when you get out of the shower and have like 5 min before needing to rush out of the door. I also am getting in the holiday spirit by buying some bright Autumn colored candies. Because I don’t eat candy, I’m thinking when the little kiddies come Trick and Treatin’ I’m going to let them take 2 handfuls.

Lemon, Apple, Orange and Cherry

Cinnamon and Butterscotch

What can I do with these now?

These cookies turned out to be a complete flop. I told Trav I was making them for his coworkers…but yeah. They turned out to be little disks of weirdness. Not giving those away. No way.

And finally: me.

No make up and wet hair?! Why am I posting this?!!

Warning: Tons of photos coming your way

I have an obsession with nature. Mainly trees,plants, grass and anything else organic and green. I think all the different shades of green are SO amazingly beautiful. So much so, that I’m seriously thinking about getting another  tattoo. (yes, I already have 2)  I’m thinking an elm tree on my wrist…still on the drawing board though.

So as I was saying, I love anything green. And I’m talking REAL green. Not the fake bright artificial green that turf is made of. Disgusting. Travis is going to be finishing this blog for me with a really cool custom header. One I get to chose and create. I obviously want something green and of nature. That, I thought, would correctly represent myself. After taking a couple (more like 27) pictures, I began taking some of a couple cool trees, branches and sadly, a dying  leaf. (evil insects) Enjoy! I’m planning on taking seasonal pictures and post them with each season as it arrives. I have a couple trees and shrubbery that will turn beautifully bright in Autumn and I’m SO looking forward to that. OK, enough for now. Enjoy your Wednesday as I leave for the dentist. 🙁

~I had to sneak a couple photos of our cats in. hehe

A hill I named: Nobb Hill

Can't see the Forest through all the Trees

Sad Leaf

Pretty Tree Limb