Crazy Ridiculous

Crazy Ridiculous is the only way I can describe how I’m feeling after going grocery shopping. As written in older posts, I have $60 for 2 weeks. Impossible? Read the old posts. I went to the dollar tree to get boring things like Foil and Sandwich Baggies. Spent $15. I then went to a grocery store chain called, ‘Grocery Outlet’. Crazy. I got all the food below for 24!!! That’s TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS! (and no the expiration dates are all good) Most of the things I bought were certified organic (different from only ‘organic’ foods). I also bought things I would not normally buy…like 4 lbs of frozen peaches, bag of spinach & artichoke chips, 5lbs whole wheat flour and a bottle of pure lemon extract. We seriously need people to come over so I can make dinners.

But people, I’m in heaven because I have nearly HALF of my budget left to only buy Chocolate Chips and T.P. You better believe I’m either splurging in the meat isle or I’m taking myself to get a peti or mani. 🙂

Anyone want to come over? I get to cook with all this now!

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  1. Babe your the best!

    And sorry to bust your bubble, but I need deodorant… at least there’s money left over 😉

  2. You can have us over for dinner:)

  3. I am so incredibly proud of you!!

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