Homemade Soft Pretzels

As promised, I made pretzels. The whole process took longer than I thought but they’re really really good. Chewy and only kinda crunchy on the bottom. So yummy. I made salted, plain and cinnamon sugar. I really wanted to make parmesan but alas, I didn’t have any in the fridge. Next time. These little puppies don’t have any butter OR shortening. Only a tablespoon of oil. AND they’re perfect for: lunches, picnic items, homemade gifts (which people like more anyways, *Christmas-hint, hint) So not only is this a healthy snack but perfect for anything! Next time I’m going to mix cheddar cheese into the dough…mmm sounds good huh. 🙂 Speaking of chesse, I’m looking for a cheese sauce/dip I can use with the pretzels. Any favorites?

If you want the recipe comment and let me know. I would be happy to give it to you. It’s just so long that I don’t want to fill up an entire post on that. I would rather show you a pretty picture of them! Enjoy!


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  1. mmmmm…looks delicious. i would like the recipe!

  2. Impressive Alexis! They look wonderful. Did they take long from start to finish were you thought it wasn’t worth it? Have two makes me wonder if I should wait to try it till I have Marcus home for the day.

  3. Yes–they look delicious! I would love the recipe, too!

  4. Alexis, I would love the recipe. They look yummy. You are a very good photographer, by the way. Your photos look like ones you see in cookbooks or magazines. Maybe that’ll be another side venture for you in the future?

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