Why I fed my children plastic hot dogs…

Yeah, I know. You read the title and you’re like, ‘what?!’ But Travis still laughs at me and I shake my head in shame because of my actions but in my defense they were completely innocent.

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You have to first understand that as part of a breakfast here, you can see thin sausages/hot dogs. Well, being in Poland, you can imagine the many kinds of kielbasa (sausage in Polish) they have here. Many. That huge selection includes breakfast kielbasa. I personally love them and got excited to buy some…but which ones? They all looked the same. So, like anyone  else who can’t read labels…I bought the one with the nicest looking packaging. Because they care the most about their product. 

You can hear it coming right? Yeah, just wait…

So I make these babies and I’m all excited. Travis didn’t want any because he’s weird. And I’m thinking, more for me! But I have to be a good mommy and feed my children first before myself. So I begin cutting them into safe bites and thinking , ‘Man, these are horrible! They’re not easy to cut at all!’ But I do it because I love my children and don’t want them to choke, and serve it. Emma, who is cautious with new foods, loves them and askes for seconds. That’s my girl I think. Elena however didn’t really like them. So while they’re eating I get one for me and try to cut it. Yeah- TRY. Because it didn’t want to cut! What?! 

‘Oh no,’ I think ‘I hope I didn’t buy….no, I’m sure these are right….’

Chomp, chomp, chomp……chew chew chew…..not breaking down in my mouth.

I can’t stand it anymore and explode at Travis complaining about how horrible these sausages are and how I’m afraid I bought the kind with a thin (yet incredibly strong) plastic coating. Yes,that’s right.

The kind I’m suppose to peel off BEFORE serving my growing hungry children. Travis starts laughing and I feel horrible and mad- the packaging promised me perfect saussages…. and partly disgusted because Emma wanted seconds.

So have I learned my lesson? Nope, not really. As I write this I can’t remember how the packaging looked but I’m going to rely heavily on Google Translate. That beautiful app. 

So there you go. Hope you had a good laugh at my expense and have a great rest of your day knowing you didn’t feed your children plastic sausages for breakfast. 


Papa for now!

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