Meal Plan for August 15-31


As boring as this might be for you to read, it’s a necessity for me. As our lives seem to speed up it’s mandatory for me to have a list somewhere I can turn to for answers. I am thankful that even though our time slots are filling up we make the time to eat as a family. And we have a new addition to our little family- my sister! She is staying with us while she gets her footing in a new city, new job and can save up/ find a place to move into.

Fun for me because I LOVE her. But also because she’s a vegan and that has proven a fun challenge for me. A lot of you have asked how I ‘do it’. Well, here is our menu plan to read. I’ll label the meals and how they are/could become vegan friendly.

Some of you have also asked does Emma actually eats the healthy meals? The answer is most of the time. She has a ‘thing’ with spinach. (hates it) So I try to sneak it in as much as I can. She eats brown rice, crusts of sandwiches and unhealthy amounts of hummus. However, the vegan pizza is a no go. Plain cheese only. Or the stir fry- just meat and rice.

15th: Veggie/Vegan Pizza: spinach, basil leaves, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms. Cheese added on our separate pizza.

16th: Camping

17th: Camping

18th: Tuna Melts (vegan: avocado melts) with fruit kabobs.

19th: Beef Enchiladas in green sauce, cold black bean/cilantro/corn salad. (vegan: black bean enchiladas/vegan cheese)

20th: Hamburgers/Vegan Burgers, Corn on the cob, BBQ Beans, cucumber salad

21st: Tortilla Soup, Mexican Salad (greens/corn/salsa/tomatoes)

22nd: Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup

23rd: *pre-made and frozen* Stuffed Bell Peppers (rice, salsa, corn, black beans, spinach).

24th: Pineapple/Chicken Stir fry with brown rice. (vegan: all veggies with rice)

25th: Black bean patties, cold homemade potato salad (tons of dill)

26th: Any non vegan leftovers.

27th-31st: SEATTLE

For Desserts these next two weeks:

Fresh Blueberry Cobbler (dairy/GF)

Chocolate Banana muffins (vegan)

Adult Blueberry/ White Wine Popsicles


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