Mayfield Park: Austin, TX

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I had the chance to research fun things to do in Austin, TX before our trip. I’ve been there many times, but this trip we had two little ones in tow which altered the places we visited. This one I’m showing you today is free and relaxing. Choose a morning to visit- it can be pretty hot in the midday/afternoon.

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 It’s kinda set up into two parts. A nature walk which they made to look native. Local wildlife everywhere. Tons of tree cover and a nice flat path to follow. Every so often you’ll hear a peacock yell keeping you searching for them through the bush. The second part is a large house and well kept grounds, which is where 90% of the peacocks actually are. There are many trees keeping you cool as you stroll on a wide slate path sharing it with the peacocks. Large pools with koi give it an extra relaxed atmosphere.

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Yes, they are proud.

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 All in all a great place for the whole family. And did I mention it’s free?!

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Mayfield Park

3505 W 35th St

Austin, TX 78703

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