Baby Shower

Here are some baby shower pictures. It was a co-ed shower and Travis was behind the camera for most of it. I had an amazing creative friend host it for me, look at those pom poms! Gorgeous!




Emma had a blast helping me open presents. She squealed at everything- even binkies. lol She’s already the most amazing big sister.

I don’t like chocolate so a friend, who is known for being an amazing cookie maker, made me pumpkin raisin cookies. They were amazing. Besides that we had caramel ed apples, popcorn with pink chocolate drizzled over popcorn, veggies and plenty of cheese trays. (cheese is my chocolate!) 

As it is, I have a little less than a month left and I can’t wait till she’s out! Not because I don’t like being pregnant- I do! I just want to hear her little snorts and noises instead of imagining that. And seeing what she’ll look like, hair color?! At our latest ultra sound the tech said, ‘wow! look at that hair!’ And I was SHOCKED and excited! 

But I got my bag, boppy, car seat cover ready. Now to just put in the car seat. lol

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