DYI: paint


This is another Pinterest blog post. I saw a picture claiming you could easily make your own paint with what you already have in the kitchen and SO cost effective. 

Well, I tried it and it’s not horrible. I just won’t be doing it again. It was a bit of a let down and until I find something else, I’m sticking with Crayola paint. Yes, it was super cheap using only 4 ingredients I happen to have in the kitchen. 

Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

However, when I mixed it it became this really thick…. almost too thick pancake mix. Nothing like paint. I had to add tons more water and eventually it was OK to paint with. However, we were using paint brushes not squeezing them out of bottles like the original post did.  One nice thing is I didn’t have to worry when Emma used the red paint for lipstick,. lol I knew nothing in it would hurt her, except for the oh so yummy salt flavor it probably had. 

Here is the link I used and followed. I’m glad I tried it. It was either get off my tush and do something interactive with Emma or let her watch TV. So I’m glad we did what we did. Now to find a cool thing to do with her pumpkin panting!


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