Hair cut

Thinking about getting my hair cut after the baby is born…if I can hold out that long. 🙂 I was thinking of something like this. What do you think?

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  1. The short haircut would look great…but don’t know how much of a fuss it would be for you to maintain. Sometimes long hair is an advantage because you can do so much with it.without too much hastle(:

    Alexis, I wish I could have been helpful to you over the last weeks. I have been out of the loop at EH since the Wed. before Easter. That day while spinning fiber, or swimming at the pool, or trying to go to First Wed. service I pulled a ligment/muscle and have been nursing it since. I did not realize you were having difficulty in your pregnancy other than “morning” sickness.

    Since my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage early on, and I had a little bleeding with each of our girls I can really appreciate your last few posts where you related your current experiences. I am so glad your family and friends have been able to step in to help.

    I am asking God to continue to bless and encourage you, and I am sending you hugs. Catch! <3

  2. Seriously, I thought that picture WAS you at first!!! Of course, you know that I think you would look fabulous in short hair and have been saying that for a LONG time. This is a very cute look and would definately accent your high cheekbones and beautiful eyes. Yupp, it gets my vote!! Love you — Mutti

  3. I love it!. So cute… I am not brave enough to cut my hair that short. but Amy is always tell me to “try it”

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