What you’ve missed

Our house hold isn’t too exciting these days. Well….that depends. Here is a fun list of what’s happened since my last post. Enjoy 🙂

Going to be bed at 9:30pm, waking up at 8am and still feeling exhausted and tired the next day. 

Emma ‘coloring’ on a mirror with her chap stick. Only to have it (heavy mirror) fall on her pinning her to the ground.

Tons of daddy daughter dates. 

TONS of talking about our vacation to Texas. Emma can. not. wait. 🙂 Too bad we still have a month to go.

I’ve been watch all the episodes of MONK. Emma likes to say his name cause it makes me laugh.

Travis has been doing EVERYTHING and I’m so grateful. I married a great guy.

Emma deciding to put lip smacker lip gloss ALL OVER HER FACE thinking it could pass as make up. 3 days in a row. 

After said incidents she proudly walks into our bedroom in the morning showing us her ‘new make up’. Good lord, it’s FINGER NAIL POLISH. On her eye lids to her chin.

Crying as I watch track and field on TV.  (hey, it was an amazing race!) I really really want to go to the Olympic qualifications in Eugene next month.

Feeling crazy loved on by friends who have and still are giving us food. Yesterday we got an Indonesian feast. Home made. Oh yeah, we’ll be eating from that for a week. 

Getting bigger! I think I’m showing earlier than with Emma. 🙂

Have I mentioned I can’t wait for Texas?

Well, that’s some highlights. I’m sitting here listening to Dianna Krall eating a peanut butter bagel, my life is rough. hehe

I’ll get to blogging more soon, just don’t feel like it recently. But thankfully, I don’t feel that much pressure to. Peace out friends, take a walk outside for me.  

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