I went to the doctor yesterday excited to hear our baby’s heartbeat, meet my new OB and talk pregnancy. And as we saw beautiful baby’s heart beat and watch it do flip flops in me (which is one of my favorite parts of being prego) people started to ask more about my one super light time of bleeding weeks before. As more people asked I should have picked up on something but I didn’t and it wasn’t until my new really nice OB told me I have a condition called  PLACENTA PRAEVIA. It’s not life threatening, to me, but can be dangerous for the babe.

And in my pregnancy I have stage three, meaning the babe is not out of the danger zone yet. I can still do normal things that would cause a hemorige and result in me losing this baby. However, that is not going to happen, but facts are facts. So I am now under strict orders to not lift, hold, pick up or even think about straining my core muscles. No cooking, cleaning (holla!), no playing with Emma, no grocery shopping, etc. And spend more time on the couch which I thought was impossible since I’m snuggled on it constantly. I’ve had to learn how to sit up without using my tummy muscles. Try it, I dare you. It’s hard.

My new OB said to come in a month to see the progress so I’m hopeful. Until then, if I don’t blog much, just imagine me on the couch/bed under a fleece blanket feeling sick.  🙂

My mom is here helping of a bit (thanks mommy!) but what really has touched my heart is the support of our friends here that have organized meals (the most stressful part of my life right now) and some have offered to help clean.

Seriously. How humbling.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, food and helping hand. I can’t wait to tell you everything is in the clear and healthy. 🙂

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  1. Sending prayers your way!

  2. dear friend, I have heard of that condition. I am so glad that your friends are blessing you so much. I also udnerstand how it feels to not being able to move much and being on teh couch all day or so. I love you amnd send you a big hug. Thank you for this post to update! Even though I am far, my heart is near. Shining Eagle

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