I’m loving the friendships God is placing in my life right now.

I’ve heard a lot of people say how they feel disconnected and like nobody will go out of their way to make that extra effort. Yet I also see them sitting in their house not doing anything about it. It’s like we get used to the same patterns in life.

Change it up yo!


There should be friends of all kinds. Not nesesarily one friend for everything. I remember being shocked when I was told this. I had felt this burdon of being the perfect friend. No idea where it came from, but it was there. 

Once I heard that I could have many different kinds of friends I felt free to expand and explore the relationships I had around me.


Find the friends you can cry with.

Find the friends you can laugh and giggle with.

Find the friends you look up to.

Find the friends who are passionate about the same things.

Find the friends who are past your stage in life.

Find the friends that slightly annoy you.

Find the friends you can be spontaneous with.


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  1. Love it! I so agree! You forgot to add the friends you can watch Bollywood movies with:) Lol!

  2. I love you insight into friendships! Thanks for being my friend!

  3. I love the pic of the Europe friends . … its good to see their faces
    good thoughts…

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