DIY: Bling Ballet Flats


These old flats needed to be either thrown away or upgraded. I saw this project on Pinterest and thought I might take a crack at it. All in all a fun craft to do, that can be messy, but fast and rewarding.


I looked online at some retail stores and you can buy yourself some bling ballet flats for an easy $200!!! WHAT?!



Wonderful Old Navy. I believe these flats are at least 2 years old. Just remember to wipe down your shoes so any dirt or dust is gone before gluing.


Ahh, beautiful. Just glue on and leave in a ventilated place to dry.


In the above picture you can see the ‘diamonds’ in pools of glue. Totally OK since Modge Podge dries clear! Holla! 


Hope this post makes you rethink throwing your older flats away!

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  1. Love them! It’s fun to have shoes that pop!

  2. Very cute!! And Of course awesome photos!

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