DIY: Planets


Emma loves science and in particular- SPACE. W encourage whenever we can. We dream with her, visit the planetarium and buy books. But nothing says space like bright colored planets. Especially ones that you make yourself. 

Try this! It’s great for a rainy day, easy, fast and involves tons of imagination. Perfect!



Styrofoam balls ($1 store)

Paint ($1 store)

Paint brust ($1 store)

All adding up to $3 for this awesome rainy day project! Whoop whoop!


I’ve found that paint can be crazy messy to clean up so I use the cap to an empty juice container for paint. Works perfect!



There’s something about bubbles in paint that I love. Weirdo.


Drying on another bottle cap.


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  1. Very cool project. I love seeing the step by step process. 🙂 Are you going to make it into a mobile?

  2. I’ve pinned this project with my grand girls and boys in mind! Thanks! <3

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