Everyone needs a little leopard in their closet

Yes, I believe everyone needs a little leopard in their closet 🙂

I got a surprising amount of people talking and mentioning the ‘outfit post’ that I thought I’d do another. I don’t pretend to be one of those really cool fashionable blogs. But since I like seeing others outfits for inspiration I thought I might do a few on here.



Fact: taking outfit pictures are SO. AWKWARD.

Just some thoughts that go through my mind: ‘What do I do with my hands? Does my face look weird?! I feel so dorky!’


Yeah, so I just look away. 🙂 Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Love the outfit! I agree that those kind of pics are hard to take, but you look simply elegant in anything you wear.

  2. You have been busy and creative as usual…I just caught up on your last few posts. The leopard print is lovely on you, and I agree with Brianne. <3

  3. I think you look amazing! And even though you felt funny…you didn’t show it at all!! Keep up the fun outfits. I like it for sure!

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