Homemade (edible) Play dough

OK, so after making this I would say this is nothing like Play dough from the store. But fun. It is a great activity to do together that’s fast, you’re sure to have all ingredients and later they’ll play with it forever.


I did not want to do anything today that involved energy. Do you have days like that? Just bum around and do nothing. However, I forced myself to do something that would be fun for Emma. 

So I Googled recipes using corn meal. I have tons.  This is what I found:


Ingredients. Just mix all together and knead. That’s it. (recipe at the bottom)


I added 2 ingredients. Pink sparkles ( like for cupcakes) and seeds. 

Sparkles: This added color without having to use food coloring, which I was considering. This way, when she rolls it out, it has a light pink color but doesn’t stain our beautiful white table.

For texture I added the seeds.


It has the texture and smell of basically a dough. Which it is. It’s edible so if you have a little one who has a hard time not eatinng their play dough, this would be good. 

Ours is so brown because of the wheat flour I used. Yours can be a different color altogether. It made a lot and I already took some and am saving it in a plastic bag.


Enjoy and let me know how yours turned out. 🙂


2 1/2 C flour

1C Cornmeal

1T oil

1C water

Food coloring/sparkle/seeds/vanilla is all up to you.

Just mix together and knead. Store in a lrg. plastic bag. 

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