“How do you teach Emma Preschool?! Isn’t she too young?!”

Some of you have asked me what I do for Emma and preschool.

“She’s so young, what could you possibly teach her?”

I use these people for a reference and go from there. So here it is, check out what I’m doing this week. (I section everything off usually into categories that make sense to me)

Our focus is week is the letter B. Here is our Week Curriculum:

To Read: Babar the Elephant (L.O.V.E him), Good night Bear, a Polish book for beginners, Care bears


To Eat: Bananas, freshly picked Blackberries (from our local trail)/ bread & butter/blue pancakes for the weekend

Art: Painting Bird picture Blue with feathers, Wet chalk Bumble Bees/Bubble painting (blowing bubbles onto tissue paper)/Paper Butterflies

Play: Buses/balls/Balloons with B’s written on them/ Beauty and the Beast dolls/Blue play dough/Blanket fort

Movies: Beauty and the Beast/ Angelina Ballerina/Care Bears

School: Learn sign language letter, ZOO field trip and see the Bears,Baboons and whatever B named animals there are/(sing) Wheels on the Bus, Baby Bumblebee and obviously the ABC’s.


*** We are also going through a preschool book I picked up at the Dollar store. It shows her how to trace things, follow directions, tracing letters, accomplishments, and eye hand coordination. She already finished her first book and we’re on to the second!!! 


*Important: When she is painting for example, a few birds we count how many there are. Everything is not based off her learning her letters. Not only am I trying to improve her math skills, but she goes to church twice a week. Social interaction- check.

So here’s the deal. My goal is for Emma to finish 2 pages every other day. If not, OK, on to the next activity. However, today Emma was stalling her nap time (shocker) and chose to do some school work instead of sleep- the only other option. We reviewed the letter A and the sign language sign. She also(with no guidance) wrote her own A on her chalkboard. (I yelled, ‘YAY!’ and gave her a HUGE hug! She’s 3 and writing her own A’s!)  

Then finished her book. (she really didn’t want to sleep so she finished about 5-6 pages. Most of it was tracing and drawing lines to matching colors and objects.


When she wakes up we are going to start with the letter B.

We’re going to read a book, sing a song (Bumble Bee) then have a snack: Bread and butter. In which she can spread the butter by herself. She feels so independent that way. 

For artwork, she’ll color a picture of a Bumble Bee with wet chalk. (done outside) If I can get her to trace the letter B then score!


When we go grocery shopping, I’ll make it a game to see who can find the letter B, winner gets a blue popsicle…guess who will win. 😉

Weekends are school free and when daddy comes home, it’s party time! Daddy time is always more important than school. Amen.  


Hope this helps and let me know what YOU do! I am always open to new ways of teaching- I love it!! 🙂

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  1. I love it! It is very similar to things that I do with my girls. I learned early with Karisma, that she loves to do the workbook, but it can also get very boring, which is why we started mixing it up with different things. Karisma loves to do the workbooks, and she loves it when they sit down and I teach them off the white board. Kaedence on the other hand prefers the stuff that I make up for her…

    and Yay! for Emma (and Mom and Dad) for writing her very own A!!!!

  2. I love that you are homeschooling Emma! With E and her older brother we kind of “un-school” the 3/4yo year and homeschool the pre-k year. I love having special time with them at this age and can’t imagine sending them off!

  3. I’m loving doing preschool homeschool, too. Isn’t it awesome to see their little brains learning! I would highly recommend these resources for when she’s a bit older. Tons of great printables (great for when you are no longer living in america and can’t get stuff from the dollar store 🙂


  4. This sounds so great! You probably have the movie The Beauty and the Beast, but just FYI, it’s playing on Disney Jr. this Friday at 12:30. We don’t have the movie, so we are totally watching it!

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