Everyone has their favorite condiments. When we visit Europe I am always amazed they put ketchup on practically everything.

In Seattle, best US city ever, tarter sauce is put with french fries. And while I was in England I was surprised to see so much vinegar bottles on the tables in restaurants.

OK, let me tell you the story that started me thinking about something as random as condiments:

Our family was enjoying our last meal with our Polish friends and it was my turn to order. I ordered a steak well done. No pink. It’s how I like it. And I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like the burned taste. Yes, I know that’s weird.

Later, I told Trav I wish I had ordered what he had and he leaned over and told me, “That’s becaues you order things so well done that you HAVE to put A1 sauce with it. The meat has no flavor!”

I quickly told him he was wrong but internally I realized that I would NEVER eaat a steak without A1. Yuck. It would taste like…meat.

“Huh” I thought. Maybe I eat steak only to taste A1. And that got me thinking….

what other meals do I order only to taste their condiments?

I was shocked to see it was enough for a list. It is as follows:

1. Steak : or meat of any kind with A1. Especially with meatloaf and grilled cheese.

2. Fish : must be accompanied by tarter sauce. Like actually good sauce not the mayo disgusting kind. Unless it’s salmon.

3. Spaghetti with red sauce is a favorite of mine and I’ll eat in any form. However, adding parmesan makes it ‘wow oh my goodness’. Even the cheapo stuff is OK with me. Heck, cheese in any form is OK with me.

4. Kielbasa or hotdogs: give me the sauerkraut!!!! Whether it be the authentic kind (which is awesome) or the cheap cold kind from the jar. Love, love, love sauerkraut.

5. Brownies: If I am forced to eat a brownie (which I generally don’t like-it’s chocolate remember) I need ice cream. Something to soften the super chocolate flavor.

6. Cheesecake: I know tons of people love this plain. But I would rather eat plain sauerkraut over plain cheesecake. I need the cake to be drenched in some kind of fruity sauce. Preferably in a bowl and I just eat it with a soon.

**if you actually read all of the above I am impressed. 🙂

Can you think of some meals that you HAVE to have a condiment with?

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