Wanting to be a fun mom

I was struck today, as I was doing the dishes, that I have moments of being a ‘wanna be’. The Cool Mom. Ā The mom that does fun creative things with her kiddos. And of course, all those ideas just flow so easily too. šŸ™‚ (This is not in comparison to anyone, just an imaginary momma)

I know I don’t measure up to my high standards at all. But before you try to argue with me: Yes, I have my fun days. I like being silly and spontaneous with my girl…but really when it all comes down to it…it’s whenever it’sĀ convenientĀ for me. If I have some free time I’ll think of something fun for Emma and I to do. AndĀ that’s alright.


But what I was shown today made me think , I don’t want Emma to tell me years later that she wished we would have done more things she liked to do. Basically it’s her childhood, not mine. The $1 TCBY cones are great. The rainbow pancakes, awesome. But will I have a random pretend birthday party for her in her room? Will I sing happy birthday to her over and over and pretend to sip on plastic cups taking my time when I have other things to do?

Sometimes what I think would be fun is not fun for her. I need to beĀ sensitiveĀ to that and recognize what really excites her. Like Ring Pops, Dollar store rings and finger nail polish. Snuggling after waking up and allowing her to be more involved in the kitchen. Will I spend an extra $10 and get her nails done at a real salon?! We live right next to one…or allow her to wear a special dress out in a field picking smelly weeds she calls flowers?! (all the while not telling her to be careful of dirt)

Just some thoughts. What do you think?


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