Us vs. Dinner time

I was talking to an amazing friend who lives in Turkey about how there aren’t many quick make meals there and that got me thinking about all the ladies I know who feel the same way here.

At about 4:30 we drag ourselves into the kitchen and look blankly into our pantries and think ‘seriously? I don’t want to make anything tonight’ or ‘What the heck am I suppose to make!’ 

For me, at about that time I get a fabulously horrible attitude and it’s too easy to start grumbling. Yes, I’m mature and almost 30. 🙂

So, I thought I’d make a blog post about what tricks and quickie things I do to help me and my attitude during dinner time. If it helps- sweet.


So some of these won’t be new to any of you but I seriously swear by them. A little more work to do them but totally worth it! They’ve given me peace of mind after a busy day full of meetings/laundry/mommie duties/ etc. 

1. Chicken broth. Make it, season it, freeze it in ice cube trays. I have some colored ice cube trays that are specially for freezing food. It’s also nice that they stack-leaving more room for #4. 

2. This one is a HUGE time saver. And also helps me not touch slimy meat every evening. (Gross) Get the chicken, Cut it up, season it, cook it then chill and freeze it. (let it cool first before putting in freezer) 

3. I usually make about 25 crepes at least once a month and freeze them. (just flour, milk and eggs) So on the night I hate cooking I just defrost/warm, lay out the syrups/fruits/Nutella and call it a ‘breakfast night’ (I might be more generous to the family and cook some eggs and have fruit too. lol)

4. I always, always, ALWAYS have a gallon of frozen soup in my freezer. This way I thaw it, serve it with bread/butter and maybe a salad. (the only way this could be a “meal” for Trav is if it has meat in it. So I try to have that in it. This way I can use it for an official “meal” When I’m making soup to freeze, I try to do #2 at the same time)

5. Pre -cut veggies: just after buying them put them in an annoying place in the kitchen- that’s how I remember to do things. Just cut them in smaller pieces and decided whether or not you want to cook/freeze them or keep them out to snack on. Pre-cut veggies are easy, yummy, healthy snacks for young and old….just don’t be like me and add fatty ranch to them. 😉

6. Make a CASSEROLE and freeze it. Whenever you make one, just make a  double batch. 

7. I did this last week and it was the best. (I also felt like a Food Network Star prepping a meal in advance- hey, anything to boost our confidence in the kitchen! lol) So anyways, #7 is simply browning and seasoning ground beef in advance and freezing it.

8. The last thing is not really a prepping step, but helps lower the stress at about dinner time. Remember that chicken you cut, seasoned and froze? Take it out with some frozen veggies and you got yourself a chicken stir fry. We usually have this near the end of our pay period when all the fresh veggies are gone.


That’s concludes my list. I know most things are to freeze and you might think  you need a lot of freezer space but I only have one of those top freezers and it all fits in. If you have anything to add to my list let me know! 

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  1. Wow, Alexis, these are great ideas. i can’t believe you really do all of that…….wow. this has got me thinking, whenever possible how can i make extra and freeze? that is such a good idea, like doubling the casserole and freezing it for a busy day. i never do this, and it’s such a great idea. i must confess i don’t use chicken stock much, i cheat and use buillion cubes a lot. and cutting up the veggies is a great idea. sometimes chopping takes up so much time in cooking, but if you have them ready to go at dinner time you can save 20 or so min on prep time. and with hungry little ones grabbing at your legs and a hubby exhausted from work saving 20 min matters. so i should try this.

    So, what casserole dishes do you recommend? I don’t make many, but would like to try more. Of course I do lasagne, and I also like to make a white chicken enchilada which would freeze great but i’ve never tried derr…..but that’s about all i make casserole wise.

    we do like soup in our family too, especially in winter, so i will try doubling my batch and freezing some this time. i could probably freeze chili too huh?

    thanks for the awesome tips………i would also love to do some recipe sharing…you interested?


  2. Laura,
    I don’t make my own stock but freeze seasoned bullion. I am all for trading recipes! I love white/cream enchiladas! Yum! Chili is a fantastic soup to freeze, just add some cornbread and you’r done!

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