God laughs

It has been my experience that God laughs. A lot.

mommy and me

Take the mistakes I make…He laughs a whole lot more about my mistakes than I do. There are moments I’m screaming ‘Don’t you realize what I did/said/whatever?!! This is NOT a laughing matter!‘ and then there are the smaller ones when I laugh with Him.

Other times when I do make a mistake, His laugh is healing. To realize my mistakes aren’t tripping Him up. (I obviously think I’m THAT ¬†important lol)

His laugh is also infectious. Sometimes it’s from His belly and other times I can hear Him trying to hold it in but He’s really busting at the seams. (I usually roll my eyes but still smile when I sense that)

I just love how normal He is. It doesn’t take much, like at all, for me to see/comprehend Him as ‘GOD’. All powerful, all mighty. Too wonderful for my to comprehend. But on the other side of the coin, I’m finding that He really wants to be the person I want to hang with the most. He wants to make jokes about me and poke fun.

He also laughs about fashion, or maybe just MY fashion. I can honestly say I’ve heard Him tell me, ‘wow you’re wearing THAT today?!’ (with no shame message at all given) and we laugh together. I say something a smarty pants would say and He rolls His eyes at me.


It’s a special relationship.

I think one of the most awesome things though is actually making Him smile or laugh. It’s like a 3 yr old making her/his parents laugh. They do it over and over and over and over, etc. It’s like that, sorta. Whatever I can do to make Him laugh is fun.


¬†We make faces at each other, He tickles me, we snuggle and dance. Each time, feeling normal and natural. That’s the way God is. He is fully GOD but also our closest friend.

I know, the biggest oxymoron huh. As weird as this all sounds, I experience Him this way on a daily basis. His humor was one of the biggest factors in braking through my wall of pride and judgement. Seeing how he responded to my mistakes was startling…and still is sometimes.

Anyhoo, it’s after midnight and I have about a million things to do tomorrow (or today) but I wanted to document one of the many thoughts/conversations I have with Him before going to bed.

* What aspect of God breaks through the walls you carefully construct?

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