Running is weird

Running is weird. It just is.

Looking outside my window at people running….from my couch…running looks so EASY! People never look as red as me when they’re running or easily distracted. They’re usually slender people who are focused on some imaginary goal in front of them breathing as easily as they would be if they were watching T.V.

I however am a red faced runner. The coloring gradually climbs till I blend into my florescent tank top. I am also in the  middle of learning how to breathe better while running.  Emma looked at me today while we were running (jogging stroller) and she looked alarmed. I smiled at her and she asked if I was OK.

I laughed, chose to lie and say yes.

(below picture: Emma chose her outfit- stylin’. This is also day 3 of her wearing that crown. Me trying to breathe after finishing my run)


But all kidding aside, I haven’t been running in at least 2 weeks. So when I went running today my goal was just to get out and run/walk. Just exercise. I surprised myself with only taking 2 walking breaks but give all credit to PANDORA. Blessed wonderful Pandora.

I can’t listen to anything else but 80’s dance music when I run. And loud. I can’t stand hearing myself breathe.

Remember that 5k I was working up to? It was canceled, can’t remember if I told you or not, but I am now trying to run without a goal. Dangerous. Laziness and excuses crowd their way into my mind and I choose to do yoga instead of running. Not that yoga is bad, but my motivation behind yoga is to get out of something else that would kick my butt. 

Today, however it’s:




You can see the sweat and redness compared to Emma. Attractive.

And for those of you who read about my running stroller drama- a friend pumped the tires so now it is definitely ‘runnable’.  No more complaining or exaggerating about that in the foreseeable future.

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