The wonder of Mac & Cheese

Obviously there are differences between countries. One fun difference I learned between Poland and America is the wonder of Mac & Cheese.  Weronika has NEVER had it before and Chris has a long time back when he was visiting America. So….when he found out I had a couple diffferent kinds he was super excited to eat some.


Weronika was such a trooper. I was pretty proud of her. I mean come on. Bright florescent noodles made with powder? An adventurous person would try that dish.


I am actually buying a compilation of different mac & cheese for him to try. He’s pretty excited about that.


Can I just say that I LOVE that they’re silly?! It shows a light hearted-ness that I am so attracted to. No wonder we’re friends!

Sad story: Weronika doesn’t like Mac and Cheese.

Happy story: Chris ate her portion.

I know I should one time make actual Macaroni and Cheese- from scratch. It’s only fair. Do you like Mac and Cheese? Which is your favorite or do you have any combinations you like with it?

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  1. I love Mac and Cheese. My fave is probably this homemade one I make with cubed ham, onions, velveeta cheese. MMM. PS. Love the new look of your blog.

  2. I LOVE Mac N Cheese! Spicy Mac n Cheese from Baghdad Theater is my favorite, and with white cheese!!! YOU much make her the “real” thing!

  3. I really don’t like it :/

  4. Hmmm I have to say that I like the classic velveta shells mac and cheese!!

    And I loved the pics and how they were so goofy!! It was always good to have fun!

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