This ‘nothing’ is certainly something


I found out Weronika reads my blog (and was totally shocked! and really happy 🙂  ) and she told me her opinion about different things I’ve written. It was so wonderful. I LOVED it. But anyways, talking about this blog brought up a familiar conflict in myself.

See, for a while now I’v been experiencing healing and growth from God, the friends around me and my counselor. I love looking back at where I was and then looking at where I am now. However, I feel like this blog doesn’t represent that at all. Should it? How? Is what I’m writing OK? Am I not giving you, the reader, a proper representation of me?

After some thought yesterday, I decided that my content is just fine. (I was talking about this to Weronika, who is an awesome listener) This is my blog after all and the content is purely up to me. If you don’t like my comment you have all freedom to go searching for a blog you really enjoy. No hard feelings.

Also, with all the tough healing I’ve been in the middle of, it’s nice to have a breather and write about lighthearted things. Like food, Emma or whatever. There are days where I’ve had have to search out what fun things are around me- and I’m learning how important it is to have that balance.


Also, this blog is originally, and still mainly, for my family who live far away. (Seattle, Texas, Poland, South Africa, Wales and Germany)

This blog is so you can see the little details and adventures of our lives. So you, family, can be apart of Emma’s life. And her parents too, but I know your real pull to read this blog is her. 🙂


So…I’m still going to write about ‘nothing’ but this time enjoy it. Because that ‘nothing’ is a big something. Not feeling guilty that you, reader, don’t know some of the tough things I’ve been healed from is just OK. If you really want to know more about me and my journey, email me, I’m happy to talk to you about what God’s done in my life.


Anyhoo, just some thoughts I had as I was lying in bed last night. And I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself for remembering what it was.

***Now to drink my coffee and enjoy the rest of our weekend ***

What is your internal struggles about and how do you find resolution?

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