I *heart* ruffles.

Today’s post is thanks to ‘What I wore Wednesdays’. I didn’t get a picture of myself with a red face and sweaty workout clothes this morning. But I will sometime, it’s all apart of my daily wardrobe change.

So this shirt is one of my favorites. It has ruffles. I *heart* ruffles. It has a weird tie in the back (that I forgot to take picts of) that prevents me from wearing it with cardigans. Or maybe I just need to look outside my box.

15369607942.jpg  Like the awkward, ‘Um what do I do with my hands?!’ pose? Yeah, not used to people taking my picture for my clothes. 🙂


It’s in the upper 70’s here today and people are breaking out the tank tops, shorts and flip flops. Personally, I only have workout shorts and my one pair of flip flops are for the poolside. I like wearing dresses and wedges in the summertime.

And here are a pair of my most favorite wedges! *black. So predictably me, but I love black and white paired together….so classic.


They are pretty safe too. I can wear them with anything and in any season. I got them years ago but they are still ‘in style’ and super comfy. I got them at Ross and they still have the stickers in them. I’m lazy with stickers in shoes. Most of my shoes have the stickers still in them.

Funny, but there’s nothing worse than a sticky sticker inside your shoe.


Most of my black shoes have been touched up by sharpie pens. God, thank you for inventing sharpies. They’re pretty cool.

And that’s what I wore. 🙂

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  1. I love the pictures of your shoes. Which is so funny because I don’t think that I normally notice things like that. But the angel of them are really fun!!

    And you look beautiful inside and out!!=)

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