bubbles and Seattle

********************first part by emma************************

i proomised to share this post with my mom. me first and her second. πŸ™‚

bubbles are a favorite of mine. my grandma got me a bubble blower and i love it.

15349528639.jpgthey have a big puppy and i was blowing bubbles on him. Β he tried eating it but they would pop and i laughed and laughed! dogs are so silly.

15289571769.jpgdad stayed out of range. i’m a pretty crazy bubble blower. good thing you weren’t there or you would have gotten blasted by me and my bubble blower! mom wasn’t so lucky…


Remember that summer list I made? On it was a trip to the beach. I originally was thinking of the Oregon coast (since we’re so close) but as it turns out our first visit to the beach was in Seattle! Even better!

15247386551.jpgIt was a be-utiful day and the water was freeze your butt off cold. But we northwestern-ers don’t let the temps of our coast deter us from exploring. I loved showing her crabs, starfish and see weed.

15247343724.jpgIt was inly a matter of time before her dress got wet, who was I kidding.

15247532076.jpgWe also made a sand castle. Well, technically I made it and Emma handed me the shells. Too soon she will be making it and having ME hand her the shells.

15247557903.jpgFor the record, Seattle is the best city EVER. It’s true.

15349940652.jpgWhat city is your favorite?

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  1. I love Seattle too! I am so excited you are taking our Polish friends there : )

  2. Portland is my fave. LOL. But I really like Seattle too. However, I think if I could live anywhere, I would probably pick Cabo San Lucas MX. So maybe that’s my fave….haha. So indecisive.

  3. Sabina: I am so excited to take them there too. πŸ™‚ I’ll be sure to be documenting our adventures here on my blog.

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