4th of July

Yes it’s a little late. We had a little parade we went to in the morning. It was so cute, HOT and the girls had a great time…as you can see. The guys made a Starbucks run for all us girls even! What love! Sure they got their own drinks in the process but I rather see it as a service of love. 🙂

15247181871.jpgEmma makes friends wherever she goes. I am so proud of her. But I also think it’s just something about her that makes other kids like her. Yes, I’m WAY partial. Her friend was super sweet and they had a blast being girly girls. Emma even had time to give me her ‘annoyed’ face. Awwww

15247239629.jpgWe went with great friends who, I can imagine, in 50 yrs we’ll still be hanging out. Here’s Erin and her handsome son. Adorable right?!

15246993124.jpgAnd lastly, Emma is not a hot weather pan. She gets a little prissy. 🙂 This is her, ‘I’m upset, fake-sad posing’ face. And this is my favorite polka dot shirt. 🙂

15247088863.jpgDid any of you go to a parade for the 4th?

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