Tuesday, I am SO glad you are done

Today was a hard day. I haven’t had one like this in a while.

Without going into details, a lot of discouragement and disappointment was plopped at my doorstep and I had to deal with some emotions. Not that those emotions are bad, but I still had to go through them. Life is hard sometimes.

And through the day little things kept being dropped at my doorstep that right now I am about to either scream or really cry it out.

It’s like a sink full of water but the small drips keep a’comin. One discouraging news after another. Really? REALLY?!! *sigh…but as I decide to blog/process this I see a choice is before me.

Choice A: I can sit and wallow in disappointment and discouragement. (familiar road) Drop commitments because they seem too lofty and stay up late watching Pride and Prejudice. (because at least I know everything will be OK in the end…of THAT story)

Choice B: I can blog about my feelings, chatting with God about how I feel. Then come up with a plan of attack for tomorrow. Focusing on each topic and creating a strategic plan for success.

I wish I had to energy and drive to focus on plan b. But the honestly, I’m sure I’m going to waver back and forth tomorrow. I think that if I accomplish these 3 goals I will feel like I took a step in the right direction:

1. Run. Without the stinkin stroller, but heck, even with the stroller. Must keep up with the running schedule.

2. Make scheduled dinner. No substituting for an easy meal. You can do it Alexis!

3. Check mail. Starbucks card coming and I can’t wait. (Danke Mutti!)

Thanks for the prayers if I was on your mind, here’s hoping for a good Wednesday.

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