What’s your personalized position?

I was at church tonight and heard a greatĀ comparison that came alive to me.

Our pastor coaches a little league soccer team and is in the middle of teaching them to stay in the position they are assigned to. If everyone were forwards then not only would key spots in the field be vulnerable but there would be extra men taking the ball/place of his teammate.

In my life there are many MANY times I wish I was in another position (someone else’ shoes). Comparison. Not being content. Someone’s job/abilities/life/blog always seem better than mine.

‘It’s always greener on the other side’ mentality.

It starts off not bad. Mostly I admire what ability or beauty I see before me. Then I make the un/contiouse choice to envy or be happy for the.Slowly I am learning how I am

1. leaving my own personalized position vulnerable because of my envy.

2. sometimes the extra person that shouldn’t be where I am. ie. What is my motivation behind being where I am/ want to be?

One great example is in our woman’s group. Just about every time we meet I feel a sense of ‘I don’t really fit in here’. Sometimes it’s me (insecurity) other times it’s the enemy.

I see and hear the ladies hearts/hurts/excitements/desires and have insight. But because I want to be in someone else’ shoes (position) I either say nothing or say it in an almostĀ defeated mindset.

I’m getting better with each week and hearing messages like tonights really encouraged and motivated me to stay on the road I’m on. Things that really help me is first identifying my position and then what lures me away. One big motivation is Emma and as she grows up she will deal with some of these same battles. I want to be able to support her and show her it’s fun to stay in the position God’s called her to. And to do her best being there- and hopefully it’ll be by my example.


What is your position that you need to maintain?

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