sunshine on such a happy day


We had a great family day in the sunshine. Walking, park, picnic and frozen yogurt.

Plus too much T.V.

13809427975.jpgBook club this Friday and I’m excited. I’m bringing cinnamon sugar croissants, strawberry tart and crumpets. We read Sense & Sensibility. British theme. 🙂


In  a more somber subject I am still processing the death of Bin Laden. I can’t say that feelings of relief aren’t here…but I am also sad. He was just a human. He murdered countless people in the name of hate. Horrible, unimaginable and something I don’t want to even try to wrap my mind around. With that said, I can’t help but feel like we are all celebrating the death of a man that was the spiritual pawn of a certain time. Jesus saw him as he was dying and still accepted him. Jesus chose to love, not celebrate with the completion of revenge.

People are people. Sad, ‘unfair’, horrible things happen that boggle my mind and disgust me. Children slaughtered, families broken apart and people murdered horrendously. For whatever plans Bin Laden had that is now ruined I am more happy that I can express. I am very happy though for the closure this is bringing to so many around the world.

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  1. Alexis, you are so kind and loving. You post a wonder point, and it is a VERY good reminder. 🙂 You are wise, my friend, very wise.

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