It’s a day to snuggle  with my sickie little girl (double ear infection which spread to her eye) and watch Pride & Prejudice. I have to start her young. It’s a responsibility I am willing to perform. 🙂

It’s a day to make scones for the first time. (thanks to a wonderful friend who came all the way over just to give me 2 cups of milk! Thanks Amy/AJ! It meant so much to me!)


It’s a day to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL flowers 2 friends gave me! It was so surprising and made me feel super special! I feel SO loved!


Today Travis is coming home! Yay!

It’s a day to read/watch the coverage of a certain wedding that happened early this morning. Is it silly to say that I know she and I would be good friends?… or does that sound a little stalker-ish?

It’s a day to drink coffee, snuggle and finish my book club book.

DSC_0269.JPGThe creative juices are starting to flow too! I’m getting pumped to get back into making    things with my hands. 🙂

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