Mothers day gift anyone?

I have a set of teacups/saucers I am selling. I just have too many. But before I sell them to a stranger, I thought of all you loyal readers/friends and wanted to give you first dibs.


Can you say Mother’s Day? 🙂  If they like red and white of course. I hand painted everything.

You can choose to only buy one set or two if you like. I’m a flexible person. For one set: $8       Two: $15 Three: $20 Four: $23

If you want to buy just the cups let me know and I will be happy to work with you.

*Gift wrapping is optional. Shipping is free. 🙂

Tea cups/saucers for sale. 4 of each. The saucers are slightly different but if you don’t mind a little eclectic-ness then consider it.

13733922382.jpgThe tea cups are my favorite. Very feminine.

13734479206.jpgIt is important to know one plate is chipped.  It fell on the ground. I was very sad but since I thought they were for me it didn’t bother me as bad. Still interested? The chip is very minor.

13734284775.jpgI am a little bit of a tea cup snob.I hate it if the handle gets too hot to drink. Why even own the cup? All that to tell you the tea cup handles are not affected by hot liquids.

Well, let me know!

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  1. Blah. I wish I had money. They are so pretty.

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