Getting over this morning


I failed today. This morning I was trying to hurry my 3 yr old (which is an oxymoron) and to make a long drawn out story short- I lost my patience. I raised my voice. There were punishments for her attitude/choices which just made me feel more stressed.

And all for an appointment that NEVER HAPPENED! If I had taken the 10 seconds it takes to check my phone I would have seen the text. But no, I hurried my Emma to church, which she started to cry as I dropped her off. That never happens. Usually she never looks back to say bye. Hard morning.

I drove to this appointment (which, again, had been canceled- argh!) feeling horrible. And as I was talking to God about it all, I was realizing that I was justifying my actions because of her attitude and choices. How mature. Let’s compare ourselves to a pre-schooler!

I then asked myself why I was feeling horrible, and I realized that my actions this morning was not out of love, but out of frustration, impatience and stress. I did a lot of reacting. Not much thinking. I actually felt a lot better after identifying my feelings and the action steps after was not too hard to come up with.

When I picked  Emma up (who hugged me so tight it hurt my heart), I took her to a quiet secluded place and recounted this morning to her. I told her I was sorry for yelling and my attitude was not good. I said that Jesus and I talked and I apologized to her. She smiled and said she forgave me. Then we kissed and hugged.

We also have snuggled a lot today. Both of us wanting to heal the hurt that was this morning.

So that’s how I’m doing today. You?

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  1. ach my friend, thank you for sharing. That must have been hard but so awesome that you could identify your feelings. I am really drained this week. I seem to fight a cold and a tummy bug. So I feel crappy physically. However, I am thankful for a lot of things inside. The last 3 weeks have not been easy for me as I could feel a depressive phase. I am fighting off hopeless thoughts with God’s truth and try not to take myself too seriously. Yet I feel lonely and I ache inside. Good that Jesus knows and HE can take this and can take me. I am praying for HIM to heal the imbalance in my brain. yeah so that is how I am doing today. love you and wish you a great rest of the week

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