my not so good, very bad day

Guest author: Emma


hello everyone. i thought i would be the guest author today and bring everyone up to date on how i’m doing. basically i’m doing a lot better. like 100% better, but mommy still wants to have this day be chill so i don’t ‘over do’ myself.

yesterday was horrible for me. i was spinning in the kitchen and watching mom singing the ABC’s on mommy’s cell phone when i lost my balance and fell down. i then was hot, tired and threw up a grand total of 5 times yesterday. i slept, rested and vegged the entire day.


mommy and daddy got a little worried and called the doctor but they said things were ok and that it was nothing serious. i am just super sensitive to spinning things and get extreme cases of motion sickness. lucky me.

but today is different. like totally. for breakfast i told my mommy that i NEEDED chocolate and ice cream because i’m still needing to get better. she laughed (how rude!) and instead we compromised on a waffle with nutella.

this is a picture of me being married. i told mom ‘i am married’ and she didn’t laugh like i thought she would. her eyes got huge and a worried look came over her face. she asked me where i learned that and told me i was too young to pretend being a bride. i think i totally freaked her out. (the power!!! muahaha!)

he then started to smile and said not to move so she could take ┬ámy picture. i posed. i’m beautiful.

there has not been any throw up (which i don’t like to do even though i get attention) and my hot flashed have left me. i’m starving today and really thirsty. mommy is super relieved.

the end.



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